Highland Hill

New in 2017: Highland Hill

Scotland and England are on the brink of war.  Ambassador William Cunningham, Lord Kilmaurs and his Lady wife have traveled here to meet with King Henry VIII in a last effort at negotiations.  With them journeys the people of their household, servants necessary to support such a diplomatic mission.  With the King’s entourage also here in Canterbury, along with the crowds commanded by the Harvest Festival, accommodations are tight, and the Scots have been relegated to setting up camp.

Come and walk through the camp, and meet the Ambassador and his wife, Lady Catherine.  Talk to the Cook (and her assistant) about traditional Scottish foods.  Visit the Highland Guard and learn why they are protecting the head of this Lowland clan.  Let the storyteller transport you to a land of fairies and legend, where all is rarely as it seems.  Giggle as the Highland Maid and the Lowland Maid discuss which region is better, as they complete the necessary chores to keep the camp running.  If you’re strong of stomach, mayhap visit the Barber-Surgeon and learn of leeches, bloodletting, haircuts, and other such regular events of the Tudor time.

You’ve never seen the Renaissance quite like this!