About Our Program

Don’t just study history.  LIVE it!

Travel back in time with us as we teach you about the real history of Tudor England in 1543.

Introduce yourself to Amy, the Games Keeper, and she will help you choose the History Quest that most interests you.

Then, one of our knowledgeable Tour Guides will lead you on your way.  You may have the company of:

  • Alice Sutton, Governess
  • Brother Ambrose, the Knight Hospitaller
  • Fiona, the Visitor from Italy
  • Mark Antony, the Plague Doctor
  • And Others!

Some of the people you may see on your Quest include:

  • Levina Teerlinc, the Artist
  • Martin Luther, the Monk who sparked the Protestant Reformation
  • The Whitelys, Guildmaster and Guildmistress of Watchmakers
  • Rowlan Fife & Cadence Amanti, Court Musicians
  • Bernard Hackman, the Executioner
  • Terra Clayton, the Potter
  • Janet Keith, the Herb Wife
  • Annalia Clifford, the Widow
  • The Chester Herald of Arms & Ordinary
  • The Yeomen Bodyguard, returning for the 2018 season!
  • Amy, the Games Keeper
  • Black Oake Chain Maille Guild
  • The Royal Lacers
  • IHEA – The Institute for Historical and Educational Arts
  • And of course, our brand new Scottish Encampment: Highland Hill, where you can meet:
    • Lord & Lady Kilmaurs, Scottish Ambassadors to England
    • Aylcie Comyns, Highland Maid
    • Sorcha Cunningham, the Storyteller
    • William Denny, the Shipwright
    • Margaret Hamilton, the Lady of Embroidery
    • Roison Cunningham, Scottish Cook
    • Highland Guard

Quest Options for 2018 include:

Faith at the Crossroads: 1543 finds us smack in the middle of the Protestant Reformation, which has changed art, music, culture, and of course, religion and politics!

Sword and Shield: Meet the people who work to provide the weapons, armor, and training to those who protect the Tudor kingdom.  Who were these people, and how have they been shaped by the ending of the Wars of the Roses? Featuring our Yeomen Bodyguard, returning for the 2018 season!

Hierarchy: Renaissance England is a time of strict social hierarchy, in which everyone is destined to remain in the class they were born into.  Or were they?  Learn how this idea is changing as we move further away from the feudal ideals of the Middle Ages.

Hidden History: Have you ever wondered about the less-discussed aspects of history?  Perhaps you’ve pondered about the medical knowledge of the day, or the role of people of color in Tudor society.  Find the answers to these questions and more on this Quest.

Plaid and Thistle: If you’re looking for kilts (and want to learn why we have so few of them here!), this is the place to be.  Talk to the Scottish Emmisary, Lord Kilmaurs, his wife, and the servants who help them about what life was like in the Tudor period for the Scots.


Pick a Path: Choose from a list of characters that *you* want to know more about, and our knowledgeable tour guides will take you to see only those people!  It’s the ultimate quest for the choosy pilgrim!

As always, History Quests are entirely free with your paid entry into the Festival.  To save time at the Festival and reserve a specific Quest time, use this Information Form!